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Why Every Guy Should Carry a Pocket Knife

Just a Few of the Seemingly Unlimited Number of Reasons to Carry a Pocket Knife

No matter what your situation, line of work, or personal hobbies happen to be, everyone can find plenty of use in a pocket knife. These little accessories can help you out with all sorts of tasks, whether it be something as simple as opening a letter neatly or something as wild as preparing some food for you evening meal while camping in the wilderness.

We’re big fans of these little knives and think that everyone should be carrying them around at all times. Just think of all the daily tasks you have to perform, and then imagine how much easier some of them could be with the aid of a knife. Today, we’ll show you why you should get your own, but first let’s take a look back in time with a bit of pocket knife history.

folding pocket knife

A Brief History of the Pocket Knife

The very first pocket knife was created around two thousand years ago in Ancient Rome. Roman soldiers would carry these little foldable knives around with them for all sorts of uses. Similarly, adventurers and explorers would also carry out little knives to better survive in the wild. As time went by, larger knives with their own personal sheaves were used more frequently, and foldable pocket knives were forgotten about.

It wasn’t until the 1700s that these knives finally made their well-earned comeback. Among colonists, pocket knives were very popular with a huge variety of people. They played an important role in the history of the United States, being used by many armies and famous people over the years, including George Washington himself.

As the world becomes more secure and people seemingly have less of a need to carry out knives, many people have stopped buying them. However, it’s not because you live in a secure building or have an office job or never go camping that you can’t get plenty of use out of a pocket knife. No matter what sort of life you happen to be leading, we’re sure you can enjoy plenty of benefits by carrying one of these little accessories around with you.

beautiful 3 inch pocket knife

Functions of the Pocket Knife

Some of the most basic, yet helpful functions of a knife that almost anyone can benefit from include opening boxes and letters. How many times do you get big pieces of mail and spend half an hour fiddling around trying to get all that tape off? With a knife, it can be done in seconds.

You can also use pocket knives for cutting things like rope or string, or cutting pesky tags out of your clothes. You can even use them to eat certain snacks like apples more comfortably. Naturally, carrying a knife also gives you a potential weapon if ever you find yourself in a situation of danger. Even if you don’t actually use the blade, simply showing it to any would-be assailant can be enough to deter potential danger.

Life is unpredictable, and you never know what sorts of problems you might find yourself facing. Having a knife by your side is always a good idea and could help you escape from some sticky situations. In addition, if you ever want to pursue outdoor sports or activities like camping, fishing, or hunting, having a knife is nothing less than essential.

What Type of Pocket Knife Should You Buy?

We hope we’ve convinced you that pocket knives are good things to have, so which sort of knife should you be buying? There’s a lot of choice out there, with different knives best-suited to different tasks. The main thing is to choose something you feel comfortable with. The right knife should speak to you in a way that the others can’t.

key chain pocket knifeIt should appeal to your own personal tastes and sensibilities, and it should be something that you will feel content and comfortable to carry around with you each day. Pocket knives are generally divided into three different categories: jack knives, pen knives and multi-purpose knives. We’ll now take a quick look at each of these types to let you know which one is best for you.

Types of Pocket Knives

First of all, the jack knife. This is the simplest of the bunch. It just has the one hinge, allowing the blade or blades to fold neatly in on itself. Next, there’s the pen knife. This knife has a hinge at each end and almost always features at least two blades. It is called a “pen knife” because it was originally utilized to sharpen quills. This type of knife usually features a couple of different blade types, which can make it more versatile than the jack knife.

Finally, the multi-purpose knife, also known under the general term of “Swiss Army knife”, is perhaps the most famous variety. Featuring lots of extra little blades, tools and functions, including scissors, bottle openers, screwdrivers and more, these knives are exceptionally useful for a myriad of tasks. Still, if you only want a blade, the multi-purpose knife might be overly complex for your tastes.

Subcategories of Pocket Knives

There are also another set of subcategories to consider when purchasing your knife. Lock blade knives, for example, feature blades that lock in place, useful for heavy pressure tasks where you don’t want the blade being pushed out of position. Slip-joint knives, meanwhile, feature blades that will slip back into the handle if a certain amount of pressure is applied. These blades aren’t suitable for heavy duty tasks, but will be fine for most simple jobs.

You can also find one-handed opening knives. These knives feature an intuitive design that allows you to open them with a single hand. Finally, there are friction folder knives where the blade is held in place by the force of friction. It’s up to you to consider the things you want to use your knife for and then decide which style is best for your needs.

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