Best Value Fishing Kayaks on the Market

Our Top Value Fishing Kayaks – If You Want to Spend More, Buy a Boat

Using a kayak is one of the best ways to fish. These slender vessels allow you to head out on almost any body of water you find and sneak up on unsuspecting fish. With so many options available to the modern fisherman, it can be quite difficult to make up your mind when it comes to purchasing one of these kayaks.

On one hand, there are the super deluxe expensive models with all sorts of special features, but not a lot of people can really afford to invest in these boats. Fortunately, there are plenty of simpler kayaks that won’t cost a huge amount and can be just as efficient and fun to use as some of their pricier siblings. In this article, we’ll exclusively be looking at models that retail below the $1,000 mark.

We’ll be looking at both sit-in and sit-on-top designs. The former tend to be faster and sleeker, but the latter are unsinkable and better suited for beginners.

Perception Sports Striker 11.5 Fishing Kayak

Perception Sports Striker 11.5 Fishing KayakThis sit-on-top kayak can be purchased for around $600 and has been innovatively designed for novice kayak fishermen. Its tri-hull design offers an impressive level of stability, perfect for anglers who need to stand up to cast. The seat position can be adjusted to offer greater visibility or better stability, which is another nice feature. It also comes with molded foot braces, molded rod holders and a handy hatch for keeping all your essential items safely stored away.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 Angler

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 AnglerWith a retail price of $899, the Tarpon 100 Angler has been engineered with the typical angler in mind. It offers incredible speed and simply glides through the water with grace, letting you dart around the water. At the same time, this kayak has been designed in such a way as to offer acute maneuverability, letting you navigate the tightest of spaces with ease. The seat in this kayak is especially comfortable with extra soft cushions and padding behind the spine and legs. It also features the smart SlideTrax Accessory System to neatly store your gear.

Emotion Kayaks Grand Slam Angler Fishing Kayak

Emotion Kayaks Grand Slam Angler Fishing KayakWith a retail price of nearly $900, you might have to spend a little extra on this kayak but it really is worth it. The Grand Slam offers impeccable levels of speed and performance out on the water, as well as coming with lots of storage and features to make your angling experiences as enjoyable as possible. It features a pleasantly comfortable seat and adjustable foot braces, along with little bonuses like rod mounts, cup holders and more. It even comes with a little groove to safely store your paddle.

Heritage Kayaks Redfish Anger 14 Fishing Kayak

Heritage Kayaks Redfish Anger 14 Fishing KayakLike several other items on this list, the Anger 14 retails for around $899, but honestly we’re surprised to see such a top quality kayak below the $1,000 mark. Its long body zips effortlessly through the water, letting you get wherever you need to be in a matter of seconds. It also features a handy standing platform, several rod holders, an open tank well and a sealed off compartment for dry storage of goods like cameras and phones.

Jackson Kayak Cruise 10 Angler Fishing Kayak

Jackson Kayaks Cruise 10 Angler Fishing KayakThis kayak has a relatively high retail price of around $950, but it still offers good value for money. If you’re new to the sport, this could be the perfect vessel for you. It comes with all of the essential features to make your angling trips enjoyable. This kayak is also pretty short, which makes it easier to carry around and to store at home; it could be perfect for students or people who don’t have too much living space. With an adjustable seat and a broad platform to stand on, you won’t need to worry about stability issues with the Cruise 10. Out of all the items on our list today, this is perhaps the very best for novice anglers. It even comes with a bunch of GoPro mounts to help you record your adventures.

Feelfree Lure 10 Fishing Kayak

Feelfree Lure 10 Fishing KayakWe said we’d look at kayaks below $1,000. Well, this one only just fits the bill as it usually retails for $999, but we really have to recommend it today. The Lure 10 offers an excellent blend of swiftness in the water and a compact size for ease of use. It’s perfect for little sessions out on lakes or rivers, and even comes with a lot of the features you’d expect from a more expensive model like the highly adjustable Gravity Seat, an incredibly stable platform, two Uni-Track rails to store your equipment and countless other bonuses.

Ocean Kayak Trident 11 Angler Fishing Kayak

Ocean Kayak Trident 11 Angler Fishing KayakHere’s another of the most expensive kayaks on our list. The Trident 11 can cost up to $999 and is very efficient for its relatively small size. This is actually the smallest kayak in the Trident series, but it still comes with a huge amount of storage and can be a breeze to paddle across lakes, rivers and even reasonably calm oceans. It features a very tall and comfortable seat that can suit any type of user, along with a smart foot brace system that can be adjusted to suit your needs. With various rod holders and other grips and hatches for storage, you won’t run out of space with this kayak.

Heritage Kayaks Featherlite 9.5 Angler

Heritage Kayaks Featherlite 9.5 AnglerAll of the kayaks mentioned above ate of the sit-on-top variety, but the last few on our list will be sit-in models. The Featherlite 9.5 is compact and lightweight, costing around $879 at retail. We really like the stable platform on this kayak, as it offers the perfect support for long-distance casts and tough reels. This vessel’s reasonably short length also allow it to fit in those hard-to-reach spots that can so often be the homes of dozens of prize fish.

Old Town Vapor 12 Angler

Old Town Vapor 12 AnglerThe Vapor 12 can be found for the very affordable price of $649 and has been specifically designed with the fisherman in mind. Its exceptional length of 12 feet, combined with its dynamic design, allows this vessel to offer a really satisfying ride. It cuts through the water with speed and elegance, while still offering all of the stability and comfort you’d expect from a fishing kayak. The exceptionally large cockpit gives you plenty of room to stretch out and store your equipment, as well as featuring lots of holders and mounts to neatly organize your various rods and tools.

Perception Sport Sound 12.5 Angler

Perception Sport Sound 12.5 AnglerThis is one of the cheapest models on our list today and can be on its way to you for only $510 if you shop around. If you’re working with a budget, it’s one of the best choices out there. Even if you’re not constrained by money, it’s still worth taking a look at this kayak as it does have a lot to offer. The Sound 12.5 Angler doesn’t quite have the speed as some of its siblings, but there’s a big focus on stability and protection here. It also has a nice open cockpit, giving you the space you need, along with a smart anchor trolley and kit that lets you set up regardless of the weather conditions or wind speed.

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