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Best Paracord Bracelets on the Market in 2016

Top Paracord Bracelets on the Market

NWT Outfitters recently ordered 42 different paracord bracelets from 37 different companies with the goal of narrowing down the field to a clear winner in four different categories: best overall paracord bracelet, best quick release paracord bracelet, best value paracord bracelet, and best overall appearance. Find the winners, a quick breakdown of what separated them from the pack, and where you can buy them below.

Best Overall Paracord Bracelet

paracord bracelet and grenade

Paracord Grenade And Paracord Bracelet Set By The Camping Trail

Your SURVIVAL GRENADE AND PARACORD BRACELETS KIT contains- approx 21 ft of paracord, 2x floats, 2x fishing hooks, alcohol pad, fishing line, tinder, fire starter and foil, scalpel blade, 2x weights, 2x swivels, needle, safety pins and a length of light wire, plus two D-Shackles which are more secure and stronger than carabiners.

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Best Quick Release Paracord Bracelet

best quick release paracord bracelet

Columbia River Quick Release Paracord Bracelet

Anybody that has ever had to actually use a paracord bracelet knows that unwinding them is a time-consuming task… Throwback to Les Stroud having to cut his bracelet when he needed it on an early episode of Survivorman… Videos can make it seem easy, but when you are unraveling yours for the first time, it can take forever. The Columbia River Quick Release Paracord Bracelet was the nicest quick-release bracelet we tested. If you aren’t familiar with CRKT, they make some of the highest quality survival tools on the market today and this great looking bracelet is no different.

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Best Value Paracord Bracelet


Sahara Sailor Multifunctional Paracord Bracelet – 2 Pack

The requirements to be included in this category was a multifunctional bracelet, priced under $10. The Sahara Sailor Paracord bracelet includes a paracord bracelet, compass, whistle, and flint firestarter. The firestarter was easily the best we tested in this category, the whistle is loud, the compass is waterproof, and the 550 paracord was great quality. The entire bracelet is backed by a lifetime warranty, and you get 2 for $9.99 with free shipping on Amazon.

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Best Overall Appearance

best looking paracord bracelet

Gecko Paracord Bracelet with Adjustable Stainless Steel Buckle

This was by-far the easiest category to pick a winner for… Stacked up to the other 41 bracelets we tested, the Gecko paracord bracelet look incredible. The adjustable stainless buckle is the most seamless clasp of all the pieces we tested, and was the only buckle that didn’t stick out like a sore thumb when wearing the bracelet. It also allows you to adjust the fit of the bracelet, a major concern with other products that were either too baggy or too tight. The two-color look is also unique to the Gecko bracelet, and the green and black look perfect together. No whistles, firestarter, or compass, but the paracord is of nice quality and the design is great.

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