Best La Sportiva Climbing Shoes for Men

Best La Sportiva Climbing Shoes for Men on the Market Today

La Sportiva is one of the leading brands of technical footwear, having more than 80 years of experience in this industry. It’s perfectly normal that any man looking for a good pair of climbing shoes would turn to this brand, but there’s still a huge amount of choice for you to work your way through.

With so many great pairs of La Sportiva climbing shoes currently on the market, choosing just one can be tricky. That’s why today, we’re here to share this article with you and look through a brief list of the very best shoes that this brand has to offer.


miura climbing shoeMiura climbing shoes have been around a while. The name has been part of the La Sportiva catalog for over a decade now and continues to gain new fans with each passing day. One sure sign of a top quality product is staying power, and the Miura shoe has a whole lot of staying power. It has been designed with a wide range of terrain in mind, including indoor climbing, face climbing, bouldering and more, but it comes with the versatility to adapt to a surprisingly vast range of situations and activities.

If you’re looking for a good edging shoe, this is a top choice, with the Miura’s edge rubber being tough and firm, ready to take on any challenge. If you’re looking to do some tough climbing, be sure to grab a particularly tight pair of these shoes; you’ll need that snug fit to enjoy the best performance levels. These shoes tie up with laces and slide on and off with ease, saving you plenty of time that would otherwise be spent fiddling around with your feet.

TC Pro

tc-pro-climbing-shoeThe TC Pro climbing shoes were designed with versatility in mind. These shoes can effectively cope with a really wide range of activities and surfaces, letting you climb around with ease thanks to their excellent edging, strong ankle support, solid smearing rating and reliable sole that will never let you down. In terms of an all-round climbing shoe, we can’t think of many better examples than the TC Pro.

While that’s a great advantage for many people, it can also be seen as a disadvantage as this shoe will fall short when put up against some of its more specialized siblings. If you’re really interested in only one type of climbing, you’d be better off looking elsewhere, but if you like to keep things varied then the TC Pro is a solid addition to your climbing kit.


futura-climbing-shoeThe Futura isn’t for newbies. This shoe has been engineered to enhance the climbing abilities of even the most seasoned expert. From the moment you put these shoes on, you can feel the difference that their incredibly aggressive nature provides. Even with such aggression, these shoes manage to remain comfortable and enjoyable to wear, once you’ve broken them in.

The Futura essentially offers one of the most pure climbing experiences on the market, making it almost feel as though every single one of your toes is free and more involved than ever before in your own climbing techniques. These shoes are fastened by a smart Velcro system for convenience, and the synthetic upper section allows for easy sliding on and off. If you want a shoe that will make you a better climber, the Futura is the one for you.

Katana Lace

katana-lace-climbing-shoeUnlike the Futura, the Katana Lace isn’t such an aggressive climbing shoe, having a relatively flat shape that offers a pleasant degree of comfort. These shoes will help you dig into cracks with ease and can even be worn as all-day footwear. Honestly, comfort is absolutely the order of the day here. The folks at La Sportiva obviously wanted to make a shoe that everyone could enjoy wearing and they succeeded entirely.

When you first step into the Katana Lace, you almost won’t believe that you’re actually wearing a pair of climbing shoes. In terms of actual performance, this model isn’t quite as efficient or reliable as some of the others, and it won’t stand the test of time on the toughest routes, but it’s still a solid option for the more casual climber.


genius-climbing-shoeThe Genius is one of the more expensive models in the La Sportiva catalog, but it’s also one of the most impressive. Living up to its name, this shoe is filled with smart technology and clever features to enhance your climbing sessions. Making use of the brand’s no edge concept to provide a huge amount of sensitivity and control to the wearer, the Genius is perfect for experienced climbers looking to get to the next level.

Topping the package off is an intuitive lace system that looks as good as it works. These shoes also fit very nicely and almost seem to make your feet more agile and powerful, making use of incredible new technology to give you a better sense of balance than ever before. It also comes with some super sticky rubber for flawless edging. We’ve tested a lot of shoes in our time, but few are as impressive as this one.

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