5 Toughest Backpacks on the Market in 2016

Meet the 5 Toughest Backpacks Available

Looking for a backpack that can stand up to anything? We’re here to help. If you’re in the market for a military-grade pack to take along for all of your outdoor activities, we’ve drawn up a list of five of the very best ones. All of these packs offer incredible levels of resistance and durability, while also having the storage and features you would expect from any good quality backpack. Let’s get started.

Direct Action Gear – Ghost Pack

Direct Action Gear – Ghost PackDesigned as a 72-hour pack, the Ghost does exactly what it was designed to do. If you’re heading out into the wild for a few days, you’ll want this pack on your back. At first glance, it doesn’t even seem that big, but once you open it up you’ll notice the enormous amount of storage space it has to offer.

Available in a dozen colors, there’ll surely be a Ghost Pack to suit your style. It’s made from 500D Cordura and covered in a water repellent coating to handle all weather conditions. It’s a comfortable pack to carry around and feels natural on your back, rather than getting in the way.

Even when this thing is filled to the top, the weight is nicely balanced to let you continue enjoying your hikes and trails without any inconvenience. It also features a detachable pouch for even more storage on your longer journeys. In addition, this pack is fully prepared to receive a couple of reservoirs and turn into a reliable hydration pack. All-in-all, it’s a great pack for 3-day excursions, but can serve well in many other situations too.

US Government Molle II Rucksack

US Government Molle II RucksackWhen the US Government makes a backpack, you know it’s probably going to be pretty tough. That’s exactly the case here with the Molle II. This pack will stand up to anything you can put it through. Only available in one color – Digital ACU camouflage – this pack really looks the business. Instead of wasting time adding unnecessary features and pockets, the government’s development team worked on making this pack as tough as possible, and it really is exceptionally resistant.

It comes with nylon webbing on the sides for easy storage of essential items like bottles of water. There’s also the option to slot in a hydration bladder, along with plenty of other strong straps to hold onto any items you’d like to carry around. Despite being so hardy, this pack is also soft enough to offer a satisfying degree of comfort. Fully adjustable straps allow it to suit any body type, and you’ll never have any issues carrying this thing around.

Goruck GR-1 Pack

Goruck GR-1 PackCreated by ex-special forces member Jason McCarthy, the GR-1 is made to last, combining the strength and durability of military-grade equipment with the features and advantages of modern day camping gear to appeal as broad an audience as possible. This American-made pack comes with a lifetime warranty, but you really will never need to worry about it breaking down. For survival trips or camping expeditions, this is easily one of the best packs money can buy. Made from double-layered 1000D Cordura, it’ll stand up to the toughest tests with ease.

It also comes with comfortable padding, double stitching for extra resistance, efficient YKK zippers and plenty of other useful features. At the same time, it does have a relatively low volume, so is mainly designed as a pack to carry around all of your essential items and gear. You’ll probably need another pack to transport larger and heavier items. As a 24 hour ruck though, you’ll struggle to find anything better than the Goruck GR-1.

Spec Ops T.H.E. Ultimate Assault Pack

Spec Ops T.H.E. Ultimate Assault PackWondering what that T.H.E. stands for? It means “Tactical Holds Everything”, and that really sums up this high capacity pack. With a total volume of 2550 cubic inches, this backpack can store pretty much every piece of equipment you could ever want to take on a wilderness expedition. It also comes in several attractive colors to remain as stylish as it is practical. Having put this backpack through a myriad of tests, we can confirm that its durability and comfort ratings are through the roof.

It can be smashed against rocks, dragged across jagged edges and thrown from high places without suffering a single speck of damage. It’s also a real joy to carry around and features a well-placed area for hydration bladders. Despite being such a large pack, it doesn’t feel unwieldy or get in the way. If there’s a single issue we can find with this backpack, it’s that it will cost you more than the others. This pack retails for around $220, but we do think it’s worth every penny.

5.11 Rush 24 Tactical Pack

5.11 Rush 24 Tactical Pack5.11 is one of the best brands in the business, continuously releasing military-grade backpacks that can stand the test of time, and offer all of the features and advantages that even the most demanding customer could ask for. The Rush 24 fits that description perfectly. It’s probably the brand’s most popular military pack and for good reason. This all-purpose pack gives you all the storage you need, with a flexible internal compartment that can stretch out to accommodate large items.

It’s also available in several good-looking colors to suit all types of terrain and has a storage capacity of 2000 cubic inches. That’s not the biggest capacity on the market, but it’s more than enough for most people. With double stitching across the back and the top, along with YKK zippers and Velcro straps all over, it’ll definitely stand up to harsh situations and keep your gear safe for years to come.

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